Are you a Dental Student in need of a student loan?

CommonBond has a new loan just for dental students. We know dental school is unlike any other school. That’s why we used advice and input from ASDA members to make sure your loan has the protections and flexibility you need to reach your goals.

Student Loans Features

  • Instant Approval


  • Insurance


  • Good Grade Rewards


  • Military Service Benefits


  • International Students


  • No Cosigner


Student Loans FAQ

What kinds of student loans are there?

There are two different types of student loans: federal and private. Most experts agree that the best student loans come from the federal government. These fixed-rate loans usually offer lower interest rates and greater borrower protections than private loans. When you choose a private loan, your credit score (and that of your co-signer, if you have one) will impact the student loan interest rates you’re offered.

What is meant by “loan term”?

What is a fixed rate student loan?

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CommonBond was founded in 2012 to help relieve the burden surrounding student loans, and since then we’ve funded over $3 billion in better student loans: lower rates, simpler options and a world-class experience.

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