No Fee Mastercard

Great benefits with no annual fee. The No Fee Mastercard credit card is perfect for you if you simply want credit without any extra features. You will also earn Servus Circle Rewards with this card.

Credit Cards Features

  • Apply By Phone


  • Annual Interest Rate


  • Annual Fees


  • Balance Transfer


  • Card Type

    Retail Rewards

  • Promotional Rate


  • Provider


  • Signup Bonus


  • Supplimentary Cards


Credit Cards FAQ

What is a credit card?

A credit card allows you to borrow money from a bank to make purchases. As long as you pay back that money within the “grace period” of 25-30 days, you don’t have to pay extra. If you go longer, though, you’ll have to pay interest — a percentage of the money you owe — on top of what you borrowed. In addition to being a tool for short-term borrowing, credit cards can provide valuable rewards and perks.

How is a credit card different from a debit card?

How do I get a credit card if I have no credit history?

What does it mean to be “pre-approved” for a credit card?

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At Servus Credit Union, we promise to deliver to our member-owners the power of member banking. That means we make our members the focus of everything we do. We give advice based on your needs, not ours. We share our profits with our members. We help build lives, not just bank accounts. Deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation. This means both the money you put in and the interest earned is safe and secure – up to any dollar amount.

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