Cash Management Account

Our Cash Management Account offers: The predictability of a flat monthly fee with a set number of free transactions included. A tailored banking package with value-added product bundling options that will help you better manage your cash. Open a new account and have your fees waived for the remainder of the month.

Business Chequing Features

  • Apply By Phone


  • Annual Interest Rate


  • Paperless Statements


  • Transaction Fees


  • Monthly Fee


  • Deposit Insurance


  • Account Opening Bonus


  • Overdraft Protection


  • Tiered Interest Rate


Business Chequing FAQ

Is a Business account required?

Every business should have its own bank account. There are legal reasons to keep your personal and business funds separate as well as tax ramifications. It also simply makes good sense.

Are there minimum balance requirements?

Do business checking accounts have minimum transaction amounts?

Can I use a personal checking account for business?

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Canadian Western Bank

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The Canadian Western Bank is a Schedule 1 Bank based in Edmonton, Alberta that operates primarily in western Canada. With 41 branches across the four western provinces, CWB provides services in banking for personal and commercial clients, trust services and wealth management with an expanded reach into select locations across Canada.

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