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Blue is different. Where other banks charge you service fees to maintain a balance, we pay you for it! Discover our Extreme Checking, where we pay big dividends and refund ATM fees. Why? Because we love our members. You'll never pay a service fee, no matter what your balance is. Your rewards score is determined through a combination of your number of unique services, length of membership and total savings and loan balances. Each product and service is worth one (1) point and your years of membership and combined relationship balances varies in points awarded.

Chequing Features

  • Apply By Phone


  • Annual Interest Rate


  • Paperless Statements


  • Transaction Fees


  • Monthly Fee


  • Deposit Insurance


  • Account Opening Bonus


  • Overdraft Protection


Chequing FAQ

What is a basic checking account?

This is for people who just use a checking account to pay some bills and perhaps use a debit card to pay some daily expenses. Some basic accounts require direct deposit or a minimum balance to avoid monthly “maintenance” fees. You may be limited to a certain number of checks per month; exceed that number and you’ll pay a “per item” fee for each additional check you write. You don’t want to maintain a high balance in these accounts because you won’t be paid interest.

What is a free checking account?

What is an interest-bearing checking account?

What is a joint checking account?

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We’re a credit union on a mission. At Blue, we inspire the spirit of our employees, members and community as we invest in their pursuit of life. That’s because we believe a good financial institution can change your life - and that's exactly what we strive to do for our members each and every day. Blue Federal Credit Union is the result of a combined relationship between two credit unions with similar values. In 2015, Warren Federal Credit Union and Community Financial Credit Union united to create a stronger financial institution, which is now Blue. Today, we serve over 70,000 members and communities in Colorado, Wyoming and all of the world.

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