Ultra Checking - Reverse Tier Account

The Ultra Advantage Level gives you the most for your money and all of the good stuff. The Ultra Advantage Level requires a primary account relationship of $25,000 or more — calculated each month end by adding the monthly average daily balance for deposits, plus the end of the month balance for loans not delinquent. If the account relationship balance drops below $25,000, you still receive all the advantages below for only $12.00 per month.

Chequing Features

  • Annual Interest Rate


  • Paperless Statements


  • Transaction Fees


  • Monthly Fee


  • Deposit Insurance


  • Account Opening Bonus


  • Overdraft Protection


Chequing FAQ

What is a basic checking account?

This is for people who just use a checking account to pay some bills and perhaps use a debit card to pay some daily expenses. Some basic accounts require direct deposit or a minimum balance to avoid monthly “maintenance” fees. You may be limited to a certain number of checks per month; exceed that number and you’ll pay a “per item” fee for each additional check you write. You don’t want to maintain a high balance in these accounts because you won’t be paid interest.

What is a free checking account?

What is an interest-bearing checking account?

What is a joint checking account?

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