Colossal Checking

Free Checking with Colossal Benefits. Receive all of the benefits of our Classic Checking, plus Colossal dividends with colossal earnings! Domestic ATM fee refunds up to $4.99 per withdrawal. No need to worry about an ATM surcharge again! Electronic delivery of your statements—available anywhere, anytime for you!

Chequing Features

  • Annual Interest Rate


  • Paperless Statements


  • Transaction Fees


  • Monthly Fee


  • Deposit Insurance


  • Account Opening Bonus


  • Overdraft Protection


Chequing FAQ

What is a basic checking account?

This is for people who just use a checking account to pay some bills and perhaps use a debit card to pay some daily expenses. Some basic accounts require direct deposit or a minimum balance to avoid monthly “maintenance” fees. You may be limited to a certain number of checks per month; exceed that number and you’ll pay a “per item” fee for each additional check you write. You don’t want to maintain a high balance in these accounts because you won’t be paid interest.

What is a free checking account?

What is an interest-bearing checking account?

What is a joint checking account?

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From modest beginnings in 1953, Gesa Credit Union has grown from a part-time office operating out of a shoebox to the fifth largest credit union in Washington state, serving over 100,000 members around the world.

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