Student LOCs

Planning on completing a post-secondary institution and need some funds to cover tuition, books, or living expenses? Apply for our Student Line of Credit so that you can focus on the more important things. Pay interest only while you're in school and up to 12 months after your graduation. In order to apply for a student LOC must be a member of Shell Employees Credit Union Ltd. You may apply for a membership at Shell Employees' Credit Union if you are one of the following: a current or past Shell employee, a current of past Shell contractors, a retiree of Shell, a referral (family or friend) of any of the above!

Student Loans Features

  • Annual Interest Rate


  • Insurance


  • Instant Approval


  • Cosigner


  • Good Grades Reward


  • International Students


  • Military Service Benefits


  • Loan Type

    Line Of Credit

Student Loans FAQ

What kinds of student loans are there?

There are two different types of student loans: federal and private. Most experts agree that the best student loans come from the federal government. These fixed-rate loans usually offer lower interest rates and greater borrower protections than private loans. When you choose a private loan, your credit score (and that of your co-signer, if you have one) will impact the student loan interest rates you’re offered.

What is meant by “loan term”?

What is a fixed rate student loan?

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We are a co-operative financial institution, established by Shell employees, for Shell employees. This means that individuals who bank with us are not only customers - they're members. All of our members own a portion of the Credit Union, which means that they have a say in how we do things. In addition to this, our success is all of our members' success, and we show this by returning a portion of our profits back to our members each year.

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