At Gesa, we’re committed to helping students find the best funding for their education through the Student Choice Loan Program. We can help you and your family fill in the gap that federal aid leaves behind. With lower interest rates and no origination fees, you’ll get significant savings by choosing a Gesa private student loan over other alternative lenders. No origination fees. Lower interest rates. Deferment of principal and interest while in school. Flexible repayment terms.

Student Loans Features

  • Apply By Phone


  • Annual Interest Rate


  • Insurance


  • Instant Approval


  • Cosigner


  • Good Grades Reward


  • International Students


  • Military Service Benefits


  • Loan Type

    Line Of Credit

Student Loans FAQ

What kinds of student loans are there?

There are two different types of student loans: federal and private. Most experts agree that the best student loans come from the federal government. These fixed-rate loans usually offer lower interest rates and greater borrower protections than private loans. When you choose a private loan, your credit score (and that of your co-signer, if you have one) will impact the student loan interest rates you’re offered.

What is meant by “loan term”?

What is a fixed rate student loan?

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