20 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

Great rates for the house of your dreams. That’s what you want and that’s what we offer members. Bedroom colors and where to put the credenza? We'll leave that up to you. With a fixed rate mortgage you have the comfort of knowing your payment and interest rate will never change. The interest rate remains fixed throughout the life of the loan.

Mortgage Features

  • Apply By Phone


  • Annual Interest Rate


  • Cash Back


  • Pre Approval


  • Defer Payments


  • Pre Payment


  • Convertible


  • Insurance


  • Increase Payments


  • Decrease Payments


  • Double Payments


  • Mortgage Type

    Fixed Rate

Mortgage FAQ

What is a pre-qualification?

A pre-qualification is a basic review of your finances to determine if you would qualify for a mortgage. In general, a pre-qualification is based on unverified information you provide and does not include a credit check or any documentation, and is therefore not a firm guarantee of a loan.

What is a pre-approval?

What are closing costs, and how much should I expect them to be?

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