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COVID-19: Fintech Companies Stepping Up to The Challenge

As promised GiraffeSpot has been on the lookout for fintech offerings to help consumers during COVID-19. This virus is challenging us all, in so many ways. Here are some offerings that may help you with the financial challenges you are facing as a result of this crisis.

Looking to End Paycheck to Paycheck Misery?

GiraffeSpot is delighted to have found Credit Sesame's new offering: Sesame Cash, an app that allows you to manage your credit and your cash in one place.

COVID-19: How to Spend Extra Time During Social Distancing

Here are some suggestions to make sure when this period of social isolation is over, you feel good about what you did with that precious time, that you have new skills and knowledge in take you on your journey to the future.

Student Loan Refinancing Made Easy

LendKey loans seem to appeal most to those who are not top income earners.