Yupp, There are Reasons and Ways to Track Your Spending

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Most of us have heard that we need to create and follow a budget to ensure our long-term financial health. In this article we will uncover some statistics that support this, and share a tool with you that you might want to use to help you get on the right spending track and stay there.

Statistics on the benefits of budgeting

Some key statistics reported in a report by the Canadian Government Canadians and their Money: Key Findings from the 2019 Canadian Financial Capability Survey include:

  • 17% of Canadians could benefit from having a budget, many of whom experience considerable challenges in managing their money
  • Those who budget vs. those that do not, are less likely to fall behind on their financial commitments (8% vs. 16%)
  • Budgeters are less likely to spend more than their monthly income (18% vs. 29%)
  • Budgeters are less likely to borrow for day-to-day expenses (31% vs. 42%)
  • Budgeters are approximately 10% more likely to take actions do pay down debt faster

The last point above is very important. The report also shares that “higher levels of indebtedness have been linked to financial stress, can affect physical and mental health, which leads to fear and uncertainty about one’s financial situation. The Canadian Payroll Association reports nearly 43% of workers are so stressed that their job performance is suffering.“

While these are great reasons to support budgeting, there are so many ways to spend, that tracking how and when we spend money can be a tedious and time-consuming effort. That is, unless we make use of tools that make it easy.

Track your spending easily

During our search for new financial offering to help users with their financial awareness, GiraffeSpot found the Yupp app.

The Yupp app consolidates and tracks all of your money movements on a daily basis, so that you can keep track of your overall spending. Yupp can connect to your online spending, subscriptions, coffees – basically any cash drain.

The folks at Yupp are aware that it is easy to spend, but difficult to get into the habit of tracking where and when you spend. They have built the platform to make the task automated and informative. With daily notifications of your activity, there is no excuse not to stay on top of your budget constraints.

The Yupp app is downloadable for free from the Apple Store. While it is not quite real time, they are working towards this goal. They have links to most of the major financial institutions in the USA and Canada and are willing to reach out to those you have a relationship if they do not. Just let them know what is missing for you.

The best thing about Yupp is that it is free.


There are proven reasons to take care of your financial state of mind and habits, just as you do your health, and general well-being. Failing to plan and track your financial life will undoubtedly lead to many financial problems throughout your life. Try the Yupp to improve your awareness of where you are spending, then make the right changes. You won’t regret you did.