Looking to End Paycheck to Paycheck Misery?

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

According to a 2017 report by employment website CareerBuilder, approximately 4 out of 5 Americans live paycheck to paycheck. As COVID-19 effects millions of jobs, and the economy, past financial choices are being felt these days more than ever before. It is our hope that during this slow-down in our activities, we take some time to reflect upon spending choices and decide to make more thoughtful financial choices in the future, including considering making use of new apps that can help you end paycheck to paycheck misery.

Consumers make heavy use of credit, relying on future income, and cash on hand, to cover today’s spending. Their progression to better financial choices seems thwarted by offerings that do not seem to care about helping them change bad financial habits. Many offerings make no effort to help consumers increase their understanding of the effects of their choices or to help them move forward in their financial lives.

That is why GiraffeSpot is delighted to have found Credit Sesame’s new offering, Sesame Cash.

Sesame Cash is an app that allows you to manage your credit and your cash in one place.

Credit Sesame was built to help consumers improve their credit scores, increase their approval odds, lower their cost of credit, and to save money. Since inception they have helped millions.

With the introduction of Sesame Cash, Credit Sesame will make even more use of their AI to also help consumers:

  • manage when and how they utilize their cash
  • monitor and understand the effects of their spending choices on credit

Credit Sesame will have more data on consumers to allow them to suggest increasingly customized credit options to them.

Sesame Cash Traditional Digital Bank Features

  • no-fee debit card with Mastercard Zero Liability protection
  • no overdraft fees
  • no credit check
  • no minimum balance
  • no monthly service fees
  • free access to more than 55,000 ATMs
  • free ACH money transfers and no foreign exchange fees
  • the option for early payday, real-time transaction notifications
  • the ability to freeze or unfreeze the debit card
  • virtual card integration with most major mobile wallets

Sesame Cash Digital Bank Credit-Centric Features

  • free daily credit score refreshes, credit report cards, and credit monitoring
  • a cash incentive program rewards consumers up to $100 per month as they improve their credit scores
  • $1 Million Credit & Identity Protection with live access to identity restoration specialists

Sesame Cash Digital Bank Other Features Coming Soon

  • A smart bill pay service that optimizes and manages consumers’ cash
  • Auto-savings roundup of transactions to the nearest dollar to help consumers pay down debt or save
  • Additional rewards programs for everyday purchases
  • Smart budgeting tools and more

These efforts clearly indicate that Credit Sesame is concerned about the welfare of consumers and genuinely wants to help reduce paycheck to paycheck misery. At least get your name on their waitlist, and decide later if you are up for yet another app. Perhaps you are one of the many millions who will appreciate this one, changing your life for the good.

Sesame Cash is rolling out to existing customers and will be available to the general public soon.

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