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Money, or Personal Finance is not an easy topic. Many avoid discussing money, how we spend and how much we earn, especially within our social circles. Yet, our social circles are often where we learn about the best and the worst of various products & services.

The Giraffe Team has compiled a list of our favorite personal finance blogs so you can get helpful information on saving, budgeting, investing and retirement, without having to ask.

The Penny Hoarder
The Penny Hoarder is an American Personal Finance website. The content is focussed mostly on how average people can make and save more money.

Financial Ducks In a Row
Financial Ducks In a Row is penned by Jim Blankenship who is described on the website as an independent, fee-only financial planner.

Money Boss
I absolutely love this blog, written by J.D. Roth. His experience of deep personal debt informs the content and topics covered, and his writing is relatable.

Smile & Conquer
Although the blog content is not strictly related to Personal Finance, the majority is, and the authors’ accessible and informative writing style are relatable.

Canadian Finance Blog
This site was founded in 2009 by Tom Drake, a Financial Analyst. Drake uses this platform to share his ideas and experience on bettering your financial situation. Although he mainly covers How to Make, Spend and Invest Money, the content is not only related to to Personal Finance.

Millenial Money
Millenial Money is written by Grant Sabatier, he describes the blog as his” mission and passion.” If you want to learn more about saving, making and investing money and how to fast track yourself to retirement, this is a great resource.

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