Let's Talk Money

There is no running and hiding if we want to heal our money lives. We must be brave and face money as a friend, a life partner.

A few weeks ago I was delighted when another woman from Britain said to me “I don’t know what is wrong with you people. No one talks about money over here.” For months, my team has been wondering how we should talk about money to help us understand it better and to heal any misconceptions about it. I mentioned it to yet another girl who quickly told me all of her money details, calling herself a “financial nudist”. Seems to me, for many it has become easier to talk about sex, mental health, anything other than money.

Money affects every part of our lives. So lets talk about it.

Just as a turtle takes a risk when it sticks its neck out, one seems to be risking a lot when they talk money. In the world of money, being a turtle gets you nowhere, slow. The turtle lives within a bony structure that is usually join one another along each side of the body, creating a rigid skeletal box, and it usually lives there for life. The box is part of the body the turtle cannot exit it, nor is the shell ever shed. The turtle gets to view blades of grass and tree trunks.

I say let’s be giraffe’s instead.

The giraffe eats from the tops of the trees with a larger panoramic view of his surroundings, which is a great place to be in the world of money. While a leatherback turtle’s maximum speed is 10km, a giraffe’s top speed is 60km. Wouldn’t it be nice if money issues didn’t slow you down, or prevent you from living your best life?

Let’s dive in a little more.

Many of don’t face our money problems. We get anxious and agitated when our spouses bring up the spending spree we went on last week. Or when the credit card bill comes in, we don’t even look at it. We beat ourselves up for overspending. We fear it. We run. We hide in our shell’s, thinking we are safe.

How would it feel if we had the courage to face money. To feel it and live it as an extension of ourselves. Just as Oprah taught us how to be present in our lives, so must we be present with money. There is no running and hiding if we want to heal our money lives. We must be brave and face money as a friend, a life partner. We must stick our necks out, get naked and come to terms with our money selves. A step at a time, speeding up as we go. Breathing throughout the journey. Eventually becoming the giraffe. Free from the money shell. With a long strong neck and panoramic view. Reaching for the highest leaf.

Where do we start

Being good with money first requires you determine your inner dialogue around it. An honest and clear evaluation of the money advice and “wisdom” you have learned along the way, including perhaps “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “rich people got rich by hurting others”. The evaluation of all your thoughts around money should result in a realization of which of these notions need to be thrown out with the bath water, and which of those serve you well. With a clearer head, you become a little braver. Perhaps now you can look at that credit card bill and with much kindness and compassion analyze it even just a little.

The goal of Giraffe is to guide people to building their own plan for their financial selves. To tackle their money views, to share, to heal. To incentivize the repayment of debt that so heavily burdens many of us. And when the time is right, to take steps to building a financial future through goal setting and investing.

Money is your friend. You need to create and nurture that friendship to ensure you are giving and receiving all that you need from it. It is not anyone else’s job to do this for you, but you can get help.

We want to hold your hand, guiding you gently towards a healthy relationship with money, building the right team and resources around you so that you own your financial destiny. Your life destiny. It may not be an easy journey, but it is SO worth it. Choose to be empowered, with a far reaching clear vision.