SoFi and Samsung Create Samsung Money

If you own a Samsung Pay-enabled Galaxy device, you are going to be able to enjoy the benefits of a new mobile-first money management cash account that comes with with a Mastercard-branded debit card. Though they are not launching until later this summer, we thought you would want to know about it. What if it is so easy your dog will be able to do your banking for you?

Yupp, There are Reasons and Ways to Track Your Spending

There are proven reasons to take care of your financial state of mind and habits, just as you do your health, and general well-being. Failing to plan and track your financial life will undoubtedly lead to many financial problems throughout your life. Try out Yupp to begin your understanding of where you are spending, then make the right changes. You won’t regret you did.

Tools to Help With Your Estate Planning During Social Isolation

During the Covid crisis there is no excuse to leave your estate matters lingering on your nagging “to-do” list. Online tools such as Quick Estate and Willful, temporary laws combined with modern technology, and some focus can get you organized in no time. Do not wait any longer.

Worried About Your Credit Card Being Breached?

Consumers can take simple steps to protect their data from hackers by using a common-sense approach to managing your passwords and credit card transactions. Get yourself a Privacy card to step your efforts to protect yourself from hackers, while also to freeing yourself from being under the merchants’ control. As it is free to you, it is a no-brainer.